Xitel Mysafe Lockbox W/advanced New Motion Alarm – Stash Your Valuables!

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Protect valuables when you’re out and about

Think about the value of personal items you carry in a day – things like your cell phone, iPod, digital camera, sunglasses, car keys, watch, jewelry, wallet or purse. Losing just one of these could end up being very expensive! It’s no wonder that thieves are targeting such valuables in locations like beaches, hotel rooms, gym/work lockers, training grounds and office workstations where it’s impossible to keep an eye on everything. All it takes is a few seconds for someone to search your bag, go through your locker, or open your desk drawer and quietly steal what they want without anyone ever noticing.

Portable lockbox with advanced new motion alarm:

Portable SmartSafe is a revolutionary new lockbox designed to protect valuables in places susceptible to opportunistic theft. Its unique, patent pending design combines a strong combination lock with a sophisticated motion alarm to keep things exactly where you left them. Don’t be fooled by the simple exterior – mySAFE’s Motion Monitoring TechnologyTM intelligently scans for interference. If tampered with while armed, a loud 102dB alarm goes off and draws lots of attention quickly! No need to worry about false alerts from accidental bumps – Portable SmartSafe knows what’s a threat, and what’s not.


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